Sunset Over Swiss Vineyard

Last summer I had the good fortune of being in a great location for sunset nearly every night. I spent the time in Geneva, Switzerland, which gave me plenty of great places to visit during the long summer evenings. When I just stayed home, though, I lived on the campus of CERN, which is right next to this vineyard. Fortunately they let just anybody walk on and tour around. I went there several times, and walked around for a couple hours taking photos and listening to some nice calming music on each occasion. Very relaxing time.

This is an HDR image, like I usually take for my landscapes, but comes from five images instead of my usual three. Getting those five images is a little bit of a pain with my Rebel XSi, which will automatically bracket three photos. The work around is to set the +/- 2 AEB, then tell the camera to underexpose by 2 stops, take the three shots, then tell the camera to overexpose by 2 stops, and take three more. Then you end up with two overlapping photos in the middle range and you can just decide which you like better for ghosting purposes. In the end, you get an eight-stop-range instead of the four stops you get with three photos. Very nice for shooting around sunrise or sunset with a very high dynamic range.


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