My Front Yard

I took this shot a the Getty Villa a few weeks ago shortly before sunset. Does anyone know how to get rid of all the purple? There was just a hint of purple in the sky in the original three photos, then the processing in Photomatix really exaggerated it. I’m going to keep posting pictures like this one – soothing type pictures – until I hear back from all the graduate schools I applied to.


Here’s another photography question, in case I actually get a reader: should I get Aperture 3 or Lightroom 3? Since I’m asking this question, I obviously don’t have Photoshop. Given that I currently edit my photos in Picasa and Photomatix, which software do you think would give me the largest set of interesting, new things I can’t already do?


One Response to “My Front Yard”

  1. It’s a nice photo. I even quite like the touches of stray colour. But I get rid of my unwanted excesses (often in skies) by selectively blending the file edited in photomatix back into one or more of the original exposures. For this I use layers and masks in photoshop elements. I have aperture but don’t really use it that much. If lightroom allows the use of layers and especially layer masks I’d go for that.

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