Lamps of LACMA

Hm. What should my cloying thought for the day be? If you haven’t seen the whole piece of which this picture shows a small part you might think all these lamps line the side of an unseen road, especially with the black contributing to the effect. Since it seems the lamps end suddenly, maybe my picture-thought could be something about not knowing what’s down the road? Seems too lame to be interesting but not lame enough to be ironic. Or maybe the short lamp-line is like a short life-line: the person who arranged these lamps (or took this photo?!) is going to die soon. Okay, I think I will sub-title this photo, “End of the Line.” Has a nice ring, don’t you think? “Lamps of LACMA: End of the Line”


One Response to “Lamps of LACMA”

  1. I like that you wrote a post about what to write in the post. 😛 I do like the title though. Has the nice alliterative lilt to it. 🙂

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