Nokia Plaza – Purple

I was talking to someone today about LA LIve v. The Grove, so I thought I’d post this one. Right now LA Live doesn’t have as much going on as The Grove, but I hope over time it gains more fans and becomes better than The Grove. I much prefer the location of LA Live – right downtown – and thing it could help quite a bit with LA’s reputation if the non-Hollywood entertainment could become more centralized. Plus, if I end up living in the Marriott right on the plaza, I’ll want my backyard to be nice. 🙂

Obviously this is exactly the same composition as a photo I posted a week or two ago, but the lights changed from red to purple. Which do you like better? I used a narrower aperture on the other photo, which gave a look I liked better, though I do like the purple.


One Response to “Nokia Plaza – Purple”

  1. Someone = your girlfriend. 😛 And it’s the Ritz. The Ritz, not the Marriott. I don’t date wimps who live at the Marriott, only Ritz. And I vote purple. It’s subtly sexy. And hip. Which is the point, I think.

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