Here, where the sword United Nations drew

Yes, I know the title is ridiculous, but it will be explained shortly. The United Nations is a very interesting organization of course, so I hope the series of pictures and blog posts I’m putting up related to the UN are interesting, too (a bit of a challenge when all I had to take pictures of were offices and big conference rooms). First, interesting history of the logo: it originally had the US at the center because the US is the host country for the UN, but was later rearranged so no country was at the center. Also, the bottom of Argentina was cut off in that version, which didn’t matter then because Argentina wasn’t a member, but of course that needed fixing so no country would be slighted by the logo. Second, interesting history of the name “United Nations”: FDR proposed the name to Winston Churchill in 1942, which they thought sounded better than their earlier idea of “Alliance.” The phrase was also used in a poem by Lord Byron:

Here, where the sword United Nations drew,
Our countrymen were warring on that day!
And this much—and all—which will not pass away.

And hence the name of this blog post. I would say more, but I have to save anything else interesting I can find for the one last picture I’m planning to post from my UN tour.


2 Responses to “Here, where the sword United Nations drew”

  1. Love the title. 🙂 *like*

  2. I love the photo. All those neat rows of chairs is an OCD person’s fantasy.

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