Dockweiler Beach – Los Angeles #1

I’ve been back in Southern California for a while now. I took this picture at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles. I go there once a year for a bonfire with some friends as it is one of the few beaches that allows bonfires. It’s also right next to LAX and therefore under the flightpath of incoming/outgoing planes. Wikipedia tells me that in 2000 some 747 parts fell off of a plane and landed on the beach.

This photo also marks the beginning of a project I’ve thought about for a year or so and which was one of my primary motivations for starting this blog: I want to show that LA is a beautiful place to live with a vibrant and diverse culture. Many people think of LA as a dirty, dangerous city symbolic of everything wrong with modern industrial society. Jack Kerouac is definitely not a fan of LA, nor does the book Into the Wild depict LA in a very flattering way. A few months after I moved here I went to an art gallery opening where the director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California gave a speech. She made a reference to LA being devoid of culture and how places like that art gallery would spruce the place up (my words, but that was the basic idea). I was rather shocked at how ignorant (either that or worse – she’s just too snobby to appreciate what’s around her) she seemed for someone who protects the freedoms and liberties of the area.  LA is chock full of amazing places – the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the surrounding Music Center, the campuses of the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Southern California, and a host of other places and people that make this city what it is. My goal is to capture at least some of the elements of LA’s culture and convey to people how beautiful a city it really is. Pictures of Hollywood and (already) beaches will be included, but I also want to show that downtown LA and much of the surrounding area is also rich in culture. I hope you like the first entry in the project.


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