Ptolemy’s Orbits

This is a picture of the CERN Globe. It’s a large, spherical wooden structure with two spiraling ramps on the outside to get to the second floor, surrounded on the more-outside by these wooden slits all around. The first floor holds CERN’s permanent exhibit, the Universe of Particles. It’s a very funky, new agey sort of thing with some very colorful effects and a periodic voice-over in English that explains some basics of particle physics and what they’re doing at CERN. The second floor is a lecture hall that is used most heavily in the summer for the Summer Student Lecture Series. Definitely worth visiting along with the nicely eighties styled CERN Microcosm across the street, which gets into a lot more of the details of the science in a very accessible way. You can see more about the building, which was originally constructed somewhere else and later purchased and moved by CERN, here.


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